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Dear Customer please be informed that the company has approved “The Procedure Handling Customer Complaints” in order to exclude any disputes on services rendered by the company, prevent the  conflict of interests, duly protect the customer rights, and in conformity to RA Law on “The Financial Ombudsman ”. The Procedure includes:

·        Explanatory Report on disputes solution (Appendix 1), [ PDF, 79 ԿԲ ]

·         Procedure Handling Customer Complaints (Appendix 2), [ PDF, 81 ԿԲ ]

·        Application form of Customer Complaints (Appendix 3), [ PDF, 26 ԿԲ ]

·        Form of Company’s Reply to Customers’ complaints (Appendix 4) [ PDF, 29 ԿԲ ]

·        Form of Company’s Receipt of Customer Complaints (Appendix 5) [ PDF, 59 ԿԲ ]

You may turn to the Company for information on customer complaints by the following numbers: (37410) 54 83 83, (37410) 54 83 87.  The customer complaints may be sent by the above mentioned phone numbers, by fax:  (37410) 54 83 83 and e-mail:, or the customers may submit them personally to the office of “Renesa” CJSC, at: 16 Vardanants str.  Yerevan.

It’s also notable that any Individual customer of “Renesa” CJSC is free to file his/her complaints to the court, as well as to the Financial System Mediator of RA.
In case if these are filed to the court the
disputes between you and “Renesa” CJSC are solved by the latter. You may turn to the court in any phase of complaint examination. The court award can’t be reexamined by the Financial System Mediator.
In case if the complaints are filed to the Financial System Mediator the disputes between you and “Renesa” CJSC will be solved by the Mediator in the manner prescribed by RA Law on “The Financial System Mediator”.

Office of The Financial System Mediator
Mediator - Mrs. Piruz Sargsyan
Address: Movses Xorenatsi 15, “Elit Plaza” Business Center, 7th floor 
Phone:   (+374 60) 70-11-11 , E-mail:, Fax:   (010) 582-421, Website:


Dear Customer, please also note, that “Renesa” Investment Company has waived its right to appeal against the decisions of the Financial System Mediator.

That is “Renesa” CJSC has agreed not to appeal to court against decisions made by the Financial System Mediator contra it.

Any entity is entitled to receive the information on “Renesa” CJSC set by article 65 of RA Law on “Securities Market”. In case if the information is provided in a hard copy the copying price will be charged. The information shall be furnished to you 3 working days after receipt of your application at the Company’s Office.




"RENESA" CJSC Investment Company
Republic of Armenia,Yerevan 0010,16 Vardanants Street
Tel: 37410 548387,548383, 548787 (Fax),e-mail